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One Child at a time

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Help change the life of a child by making a one-off or reoccurring donation by using one of these 3 options.


By purchasing one of our products you will be part of providing our children with everything they need to live the life they deserve.

Gifts & Clothing

Here you can buy a child a special gift, or make their day by giving them new shoes and clothing.


You can provide our children further education and training, to help them reach their God-given potential.

Medical & Dental

Hygiene is so important in all our lives, so be part of giving a child the medical and dental care they are in need of.

Furniture & Bedding

Every child on the planet should have a safe home environment, help us by providing them with somewhere comfortable & safe to sleep.


At Casa Segura we love having lots of plants and animals around. They also help in providing the kids with fruit, meat, eggs & plenty of fresh vegetables.